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The Importance of Digital Technology for Business

10 Tools That Will Bring a Digital Transformation to Your Small Business

Now the development of times and technology is progressing rapidly enough that many people use it to help with their daily activities, for example for office work, then demands for lessons to understand the internet, find information, and also as one of the most popular media. just right for marketing a product or doing business. Technology and information are now one of the daily necessities that are often consumed and even many people who have used it, ranging from children, adolescents, to adults, are aware of the development of this digital technology.

Why do many people say that this technological development can help develop a business? The answer is, now that Indonesia has implemented business competition related to the era of globalization so that many business people have to compete so that their business can grow rapidly, one of which is by taking advantage of this technological development, namely by using the internet. Even by using the internet, all processes in doing business will be easier, for example, buying goods from abroad, then promoting the goods you sell, and so on.

There are several other benefits that are very beneficial for your business, if you take advantage of this technological development, want to know what are the benefits? Let’s look at some of the explanations below.

Advantages of Using Technology in Marketing

There are many advantages that you can get if you can take advantage of and also use this technological development such as laptops, computers, and also media that can help access in the business world, namely the internet. The following are some examples of benefits or benefits, including the following:

1. Can connect with several customers who are far away

The first advantage is that it can connect with several consumers who are far enough away that you may not even be able to reach them. Suppose you live in Java and then your buyers live in Kalimantan and Bali, then you will be able to reach them quite easily with social media that will help you in doing business.

2. The emergence of new business opportunities

Now the more sophisticated and also the very rapid development of technology, many people choose to build a business that will be very promising, namely by doing business selling online. This is evidenced by the number of online shops that have been made by several people, not only online shops on social media, but there are also quite a number of websites and sites that sell quite a lot of goods. certain, for example clothes, bags, shoes, there are even several online stores that also sell a variety of healthy foods.

3. Reducing production and operational costs

The third advantage is helping to reduce production costs, reducing production costs in question, namely to reduce capital to be spent. For example, those who are supposed to open a shop, and pay shop fees, pay employees, etc. will all be resolved if you use several technological tools that make it easier for you to sell, such as laptops, computers, and of course the internet network.

4. Simplify the process of communication and monitoring of each employee

The fourth advantage is that it can facilitate the communication process and also monitor each employee. By using this digital world, namely the internet, it can help you in monitoring the employees at your place. Even if you are going to have meetings, meetings, and the like, you don’t need to bother anymore because only with social media you can also conduct meetings, discussions, and so on online.

5. Access to information and dissemination of information

The fifth advantage is as one of the access to information and also very fast dissemination of information. With this social media also helps you to market your business so that many people know what business you are running. You can also create a website that you can also use to promote your business. Apart from these things, you can also open an online store with several online store applications that are widely available in Indonesia.

6. Prompt communication

The sixth advantage is fast communication, if you only rely on print media, or only rely on word of mouth, of course it will take a very long time, but using this digital media every time you do promotions, sell, and so on, it will can spread quite quickly.

Impact of Using Technology in Marketing

As explained above, using digital technology developments such as laptops, computers, cell phones, even the presence of the internet will greatly assist in all activities, one of which is in the field of marketing or business. But besides having excellent advantages and benefits for your business, of course taking advantage of these technological developments can also provide some disadvantages and even negative impacts, want to know what are the negative impacts? Let’s look at some of the explanations, including the following:

1. Account breaches

The first loss is account breach. Now there are quite a number of smart people who are able to break into several accounts or break into several important websites. This of course will be very detrimental, especially if the website or online store that you have is quite well known and someone has hijacked it, of course, it will make all existing data disappear instantly and can even be used for some dangerous things.

2. Product fraud

The second disadvantage is product fraud. If you become a reseller at an online store, you can also be exposed to product fraud, for example the items being sold are yellow, but the items that come to your place are red, wrong size, damaged, and so on.

3. If the internet connection is bad

The third disadvantage is bad connection interference. If you are replying to messages to quite a lot of your subscribers but the connection is bad then of course it will make the customer wait until the connection you have is stable again.

4. The existence of a computer virus

The fourth disadvantage is that there is a virus that will attack your computer, especially if you frequently open several websites where there are many viruses, therefore the computer you have will be infected by the virus.

Those are some explanations about the advantages and advantages that you will get if you take advantage of digital technology, namely the internet. Indeed, you will get many advantages if you use some of these digital worlds, but you can also get many disadvantages from the development of this technology. Therefore, you should use this technological development properly and according to your needs, so you won’t get some losses that can hinder your business trip. Hope it can help and also useful!