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How to spy on iPhone without Apple ID

How to spy on iPhone without Apple ID

Spy apps have been serving the market for a long time, and tons of people are also using them to keep an eye on other’s activities. Don’t creep out. It is actually carried for a good reason, like to save your loved ones. There are many advantages of using these spying apps for iphone that people are not aware of. These apps alleviate the problem of many parents and partners by transferring the data from the target phone to their own without their knowledge.

It is a perfect way to monitor iPhones without iCloud credentials such as the location, call logs, messages from different platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, telegram, etc. However, some may get scared as to is it safe to allow a foreign app to transfer all the information? The answer is yes if the app is reliable. Here you will find the names of the most reliable spy app that you can use for your positive cause.


This is one of the best spy software options available for iOS phones. Users can check the mobile and online activities of their targets. 

Generally, parents use it for their kids and entrepreneurs use it to monitor their employees. It is the best app for beginners as they can learn and utilize it effortlessly. Plus, the app can observe different types of devices smoothly. 

Also, you can access the app without Apple ID and passwords. With this software, you can view contacts, read messages, and events. Plus, you can access their call history and notes as well. 

There is a robust stealth mode feature available here. So, you can secretly snoop through their activities without them knowing. 

The best features for the XySpy monitoring app are as follows. 

  • You can use the GPS location tracking feature to know the user’s geographical position. 
  • The app gives its users SMS and call-spying opportunities. 
  • Social media activity is easy to monitor through this app. It means you can track different platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber, spying snapchat
  • Ambient voice recording software is useful. In other words, it allows people to hear and record background voices and sounds. 
  • You can remotely view videos and photos in the device gallery. 

KidsGuard Pro

Another excellent option if you want to spy on an iPhone without iCloud credentials is KidsGuard Pro. Here, you can get multiple useful functions to keep track of your kid’s daily phone activity. 

Thus, it is obvious, the most common user group of the KidsGuard Pro app are parents. They can safely and swiftly check the device’s usage history of their kids using the application. Also, the platform remains undiscovered so, you can easily monitor the target device without getting caught. 

Most apps on the iPhone require iCloud syncing first. Therefore, those without an Apple password or ID need to jailbreak to access data. This is where KidsGuard Pro is so useful. Neither would you need an iCloud license, nor would you have to jailbreak. 

Notable features of the KidsGuard Pro include the following:

  • Geofence alerts and location tracking are two geographical features available. You would get notifications when the target device user goes to specific locations.
  • You can pursue the kind of online content they are browsing. 
  • It is simple to see all deleted browser history following the app installation.
  • You can see and track their media files in real-time virtually. 
  • The installation method is simple and then becomes completely invisible as it continues working in the background.