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The rapid development of technology can help and make it easier for you to do all kinds of work. Besides being easy, technology can also help you to save time and energy, you know, Friends. If in the past exchanging news took a very long time, now exchanging news only takes 3-5 seconds. However, so that the technology can be used optimally and as well as possible. So you should know how to use technology wisely. There are many news of various cases of crime caused by the impact of technology abuse. This wrong way of using technology is what makes people nervous, especially for those who have small children. Therefore, now there is a lot of socialization about how to use today’s technology wisely, in order to prevent these things from happening.

Use technology at the right time

With the rapid development of technology. So that doesn’t mean you can complete all your work by utilizing advanced technology. At work, use technology according to your work needs. Avoid using technology for unrelated things, Friends. Because it will make your job to be neglected. With technology, it doesn’t mean you close yourself to the people around you, you know. Instead, try to be able to position yourself so that technology does not keep you away from the surrounding environment.

Use technology for positive things

The second way to use today’s technology wisely is to use technology for positive things both related to work and communication. We should reduce the use of technology for negative things such as criticizing others through social media or for other crimes. If you are already aware of how to use technology for positive things, then it is certain that there will be many benefits that you can feel as well as the various conveniences offered when you are using technology.

Prevent disease in the body

It is undeniable, the more rapid the development of technology, the more diverse the sophisticated equipment on offer. However, you need to be vigilant and pay attention to how to use technology correctly. Limit the use of technological equipment so as not to have a bad impact on your health. Like many sophisticated cellphones that are now offered, it turns out to have radiation that is very dangerous for the brain when placed near your head when you are asleep.

Use technology as needed

The sophistication of technology should be used for everyday life. However, you should adapt the use of technology to your needs. Like while working, studying or for entertainment. But if it’s not really needed, you shouldn’t use technology equipment too often. You’d better take the time to rest.