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Are Humans still better than AI machines?

Are Humans Still Better Than Artificial Intelligent Machines?

Artificial Intelligence have been around for more than few decades to model the sensory systems of humans. They not only resemble the capabilities of humans, but many have human-like structure also.


The Questions

Artificial intelligent systems can perform several tasks like speech recognition, natural language processing and image classification and have shown robustness to variations in the auditory or visual inputs. The question arises, as far as the in-variances learnt by these systems is concerned, it is anywhere close to the in-variances learnt by human perceptual systems over the years of maturity from childhood to adulthood? Is it even anywhere similar to that?


Some Arguments

Human Intelligence comprises endless characteristics like the ability to think, learn from experiences, adapt to new situations, comprehend complex

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What is Smart Home Technology?

What is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology refers to a set of devices or appliances which connect in a network and can be controlled independently and remotely. It gives the ability to control devices in and around the house either by click of a button or through a voice command.



Have you ever thought of a life where all the devices at your home would connect to the internet? Not only your mobile phones, tablets, computers and ipad, but almost everything around you, be it lights, air conditioners, door bells, cameras, clocks, water heaters, electric appliances, cooking utensils and what not. Looks like a sci-fi movie, isn’t it? Not just this much, but what if all these devices communicate with you by accepting your commands and sending timely

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Will Agile Manifesto Principles Have Relevance in the Future?

Present-day businesses have closely witnessed the technological upheaval in the past few years that left the developers baffled regarding the relevance of Agile Manifesto values and principles. And after a practical experiment, probably, the world came up with a simple answer – YES! The master document with 12 principles and 4 key values ingrained in it, surely stands pertinent even today. How? You may ask.

Well, with Agile Manifesto principles and values by your side, you are empowered with project visibility, better client satisfaction, faster review cycles, quicker time-to-market, and even more. So, for the Agile Manifesto that has been seamlessly serving businesses over various projects across a couple of decades, let’s catch up with its base.

Sliding to the times of the 1990s, businesses realized that the Waterfall model and other conventional approaches were not enough. This was because business requirements and customer needs got hit by advancements and

Innovative Technology

Revolutionary Technology Fundamentals

Innovative TechnologyThe Masters in Innovative Know-how Engineering diploma goals to provide graduates with robust abilities in vital thinking and with a creative angle essential to instigate future developments in the discipline of Engineering Technology. Understanding your challenges juggling productiveness with price savings, we assist by providing managed IT companies that streamline operations, maximize investment value and evolve your business into a digital workplace. Revolutionary Expertise Group combines professional technical data with a strong business sense. So we are going to at all times make suggestions primarily based on what’s best for your company. It is how we have turn out to be a trusted accomplice for companies throughout northeast Indiana.

Revolutionary expertise performs an ever-growing role in twenty first century worldwide growth, from data collection to financial services. Final month’s Cellular World Congress — touted as the world’s biggest cell event — was buzzing with debates on the problems that come …

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Explainable Artificial Intelligence: The most-trending technology that’s chased by successful companies

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Artificial Intelligence & its illustrious roleplay in businesses!

Artificial Intelligence is employed in organizations in different ways with a major influence on helping firms evolve. In reality, the majority of us employ AI frequently in some capacity. Almost all corporate operations across all industries are already being disrupted by Artificial Intelligence, from the mundane